Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber
Galaxy Sabers RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber

RR-10 Neo Pixel Saber

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RR-10 XenoPixel

This isn't your standard neo pixel saber, these XenoPixel sabers come with everything you need for a fully customised saber without having to program effects yourself, all of the amazing ignition effetcs and blade styles are already programmed in, a true out of the box experience you will not forget, and not put down. 

18 superb built in sound fonts, including many from the saga, such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku, Darth Vader and much more! 

  • Superb bright 50 Watt LED Neo Pixel blade
  • Rainbow blade, Ghost blade, Blaster blade 
  • On/Off blade activation via motion 
  • Packed full of pre loaded character sound fonts and effects!
  • Motion selection menus
  • Amazing smooth swing technology 
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cable
  • Battery 3600mAh 18650 3.7V
  • Allen Key + screws to tighten blade
  • Neopixel Blade (round tip) 92cm
  • Amazing Pre on ignitions
  • Stab effects
  • Blaster deflection & lock-up
  • Flash on clash
  • 11 colour changes
  • Blade Included
Package comes with blade, charger, instructions, blade screws

Frequently asked questions.

How long will delivery take?

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery for all non character based sabers, all character based sabers are delivered via Parcelforce 24Hours due to the size of the package. Delivery is tracked and guaranteed next day from dispatch for U.K customers. Rest of world delivery's typically takes 5-10 days.  

How soon will my order ship?

Shipping lead time will not exceed 1 days, we normally dispatch sabers within the first day of placing an order

Can I change my order?

Yes, but you must contact us as soon as possible before we package and dispatch your items. 

Is there any warranty on Galaxy Sabers?

Yes, 1 Year warranty

We have a standard 30 day returns policy for Light sabers. Light sabers which are returned should not be damaged in any way or tampered with, they must be in new condition and show no signs of wear and tear, improper use of the saber will cause an invalid return.

Warranty for sabers is 1 year, this does not account for damage to the hilt caused by the customer, or blade damage, the warranty covers the electronics kit inside the saber, replacement kits are issued and are easy to install.    

We do not have returns on blades that have been used, for returns on blades your blade must be undamaged with no signs of use.

How long should I charge the Light Saber?

Due to the large capacity of the 18650 battery, Charge the Light Saber for 4 hours prior to use, 4 hours should grant you a full charge this prevents a decreased battery life for longevity. 

If your question isn't listed here please contact us or Facebook messenger.

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