Latest update on our sabers

Latest update on our sabers

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Customers have been asking this for a while and its finally here! 


Smooth swing!

So we have a number of changes here at Galaxy Sabers, from now on all sabers will feature smooth swing, this is a fantastic new addition as smooth swing replicates the motion of the hilt rotating to which direction you swing it much better than previous models. 

We now have installed 23mm bass speakers on all Galaxy Sabers, which means a louder fuller sound that creates a nice deep humming and rich sound.

New sound fonts! 

We've also added brand new sound fonts which make a great improvement to the previous board, sounds include Rey Skywalker, Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kylo Ren, Count Dooku, Princess leia and General Grievous! 

Along with the new character sounds we've also added 3 music sound tracks into the sabers, which can also play along whilst you are using the saber in normal fashion to create a real enticing experience.  

New premium sabers

Along with the above upgrades, we now feature 3 new additions to the Galaxy Sabers collection, these sabers will be live on the site ready to ship on 21/11/20 

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