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Buy a realistic replica lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers, battle-ready for the ultimate Star Wars experience. All of our lightsabers on our site come with free delivery.

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Can I get a lightsaber in the UK?

Yes you can. Here at Galaxy Sabers UK, we only stock high quality lightsabers. They're designed for heavy duelling, made from strong yet lightweight 6063 grade aluminium. Choose from 12 lightsaber colour variations using our premium RGB LED.

Star Wars Replica RGB Lightsabers - Combat Ready

All of our lightsabers use RGB LEDs for a full colour experience. They are metal lightsabers that are combat-ready, meaning they are the perfect lightsaber toy for battling your friends, with sounds included, and a premium quality authentic feel.

Galaxy Sabers is a UK based lightsaber company, stocking a range of affordable lightsabers online for all popular Star Wars characters (like Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker), and all popular Star Wars films (like the Clone Wars and Empire Strikes Back). They include easy to use buttons, lots of high grade colour change modes and fighting sound effects/clash sounds (including blaster sounds), a strong battery, removable blade, and a well-balanced handle.