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GHv3 Instructions


The latest Golden Harvest V3 board is available, this board will be our new replacement for Proffie Board sabers. 

GHv3 has the best functionality, great sound quality, the ability to add custom soundfonts, and vibrant, fantastic blade styles that are all programmable right from the hilt. 

Learning your new GHv3 Saber can be quite tricky at times due to the many different menus, please take the time to learn how to really use your new Saber and unlock it's potential!

How to change colour

How to change blade style

How to change sound fonts

Blaster Blocks

Lock-Up Modes

Force Push Modes

Gesture Modes

Volume Control

Background Music

How to edit colour profiles

How to change Ignition speed

How to change Retraction speed

How to change Pixel number