Galaxy Sabers Ltd Slayer 1 Xenopixel

Slayer 1 Xenopixel

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These sabers have no warranty and will include a blade and screws. 

All sabers come with a blade.

No blade is guaranteed to be brand new but everything will work.

An inspired clash with Darth Maul and Darth Vader, our latest version holds vast high-tech effects such as motion on/off activation, improved smooth swing, huge 34 sound fonts inside to carve your inner Jedi! Flash on clash, drag and melt, blaster deflects and force lock up effects.

Saber comes boxed with all screws, instructions, charging cable and 82cm blade.

The hilt grip is pre installed, does not come with stand

  • 34 sound fonts
  • Blade effects such as unstable, rainbow, pulse + many more
  • Motion activated blade on/off
  • Vast amount of pre-ignitions
  • Punchy speaker
  • Full metal hilt
  • 16Gig SD card
  • Darth Maul emitter
  • Rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 12 changeable colours
  • Aerospace grade aluminium hilt


The Junk Yard is a selection of B-Grade stock, either from manufacturing defects, customer returns or our photoshoot sabers.

The price will be lower due to the condition of the sabers, every saber works fine but will show light to heavy usage marks, some sabers are pretty much brand-new and defects can only be seen with a keen eye.

All sabers inside the Junk Yard come with no warranty, so please bare this in mind when purchasing.

Each saber will come with a blade, this blade may be either brand-new or used.

Grab a bargain!

Frequently asked questions.

How long will delivery take?

UK Deliveries

Generally, some orders are dispatched the next working day if ordered after 1PM but also some Sabers can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered in busy times, we give an estimate when you get to the shipping page at the end of the checkout.

Rest of the World 

Delivery typically takes 4-14 days from dispatch.  

Can I change my order?

Yes, but you must contact us as soon as possible before we package and dispatch your items. 

Is there any warranty on Galaxy Sabers?

Yes, 1 Year warranty

We have a standard 30 day returns policy for Lightsabers. Lightsabers that are returned should not be damaged in any way or tampered with, they must be in new condition and show no signs of wear and tear, improper use of the saber will cause an invalid return.

Warranty for sabers is 1 year, this does not account for damage to the hilt caused by the customer, or blade damage, the warranty covers the electronics kit inside the saber, replacement kits are issued and are easy to install.    

We do not have returns on blades that have been used, for returns on blades your blade must be undamaged with no signs of use.

How long should I charge the Lightsaber?

Due to the large capacity of the 18650 battery, Charge the Light Saber for 4 hours prior to use, 4 hours should grant you a full charge which prevents a decreased battery life for longevity. 

If your question isn't listed here please contact us at or via Facebook messenger.